“See the world with HBPO!”

Vanessa, 25, is a young woman full of energy and zest for life coupled with a pronounced sense of responsibility – and she likes getting to know new cultures. Following her business management degree in Paderborn, she started as a Junior Sales Manager at HBPO GmbH. She has already had some great experiences with HBPO.

Vanessa, why did you decide to join HBPO?

I have always been interested in the automotive industry. During my degree I did worked at Volkswagen Osnabrück, where it quickly became clear to me that I would like to settle in the automotive industry. I find the dynamics and the many exciting tasks stimulating. HBPO offered me what I was looking for. The company is an international player in the automotive industry and gave me the opportunity to combine my master's degree in International Business Studies (IBS) with work as a part-time sales assistant – a “self-made dual study program”, so to speak.

And it turns out that HBPO is open to my wishes and supports me.


How did you arrive at HBPO in the first place?

After my bachelor’s degree I was looking for an assistant’s job. I found HBPO through Stepstone. After the interview I knew I wanted to work here!

How long have you been working at HBPO?

In September 2015 I started as a sales assistant for Audi, covering for someone on parental leave. At the same time, I started my IBS master’s degree in Paderborn. Which means I have been at HBPO for about three-and-a-half years now. I have been working as a Junior Sales Manager since May 2018.


What is a typical everyday working day like for you?

The thing I love about my job is that there is no such thing as a typical everyday work day in sales. I have to be an all-rounder! Every single day is different than the last, since the job as sales manager is extremely project related. Which is why it often depends what the current project status is.

At the moment I am responsible for Skoda and VW. I am also working on a project which involves the brands Audi and Seat, which is very interesting and varied. Every customer “ticks” differently, and that is what makes it fascinating. I do a lot of coordination, write offers and I am in constant contact with the customer. In addition, I support the Sales Managers. I am looking forward to the next few months, because there are still lots of new things to discover in sales.

What drives you forward?

Definitely a satisfied customer and satisfied colleagues in my working environment, who I support with my work.

I would like to do my work well, properly and to the satisfaction of everyone.

You spent five weeks in Mexico?

Yes, at the beginning of August 2017 I spent time in our Mexican plant in Puebla, two-and-a-half hours south of Mexico City.

What made you want to spend time in Mexico?

I love getting to know other cultures. I can learn a lot – and start to understand other ways of working and question my own.

I had already spent time abroad while at school and university. In the sixth form, I was an exchange student in the US and during my studies I spent a semester in Uruguay.

So I knew I wanted to go abroad again during my master's degree – ideally in combination with work experience abroad. I got this chance at HBPO – to gain practical experience as a sales assistant during my degree, and in Mexico no less!

I find it fascinating to get to know other cultures and to personally get to know colleagues who I had only been in contact with by email up to that point.

How did you support your colleagues there?

I took over similar tasks in Mexico as the ones I have as a sales assistant in Germany. I looked after the price maintenance of the Audi Q5, trained the HBPO employees on site to understand the spreadsheets we had been using before and to recognise how important the subject is.