The fascination of logistics: André understands this branch better than anyone!

The world is in motion – and so is HBPO! Here, lots of gear wheels mesh with one another to achieve great things. Our customers are supplied with highly complex front-end modules (FEM) just-in-sequence (JIS). This requires a complex organization effort, at the same time opening up lots of carrier opportunities – as was the case for André.

André has been logistics manager at HBPO in Regensburg since August 2014. In this position, he is responsible for guaranteeing supplies to our customer BMW. He knows very well that logistics is much more than just transporting the goods to the customer. For him, the crux lies in constantly optimising the highly complex HBPO logistics cycle. In this context, innovative concepts and close contact with the production department as internal customers are more important than ever before.

The aspects of rich diversity and variation are what make logistics so fascinating for André. He does not have what you might call a typical working day at HBPO. There are cornerstones, of course, that map out André’s day, yet no two days are the same. André is always on the move – constantly meeting up with different people. The plant is changing all the time, which means a layout that was good yesterday might be wrong tomorrow.

Yet André knows that clever planning and storage are only half the battle. For him, anticipatory logistics are extremely important. These days, it is no longer enough to check when and where public holidays are due and truck driving bans are in place! Rather, logistics is about selecting the right freight carrier, thinking ahead and having committed personnel at your disposal. Qualified employees are hard to find these days. Particularly when you look at the requirement profile for a logistics manager with “all-round skills”. To put it in a somewhat exaggerated nutshell, he has to know everything about and be able to evaluate the logistics processes and tasks at the plant. And he needs a “thick skin” when it comes down to negotiating delivery times. André had enough time to learn these skills during long years of working in the logistics branch.

Before he joined HBPO, André had become a real globetrotter with diversity expertise. Having started work for a Norwegian company with Japanese shareholders and Chinese suppliers, he was involved in setting up the first photovoltaic park in South Africa and came home with a suitcase full of inter-cultural expertise!

André is definitely in the fast lane. No road is too long and no obstacle too high for the Bavarian, because his team is always heading in the same direction. Every single member of his great team knows what they have to do – and in particular why they are doing it. As the superior to 24 employees, André promotes clear and open communication: he gives credit where it is due as well as talking about things that need improvement. Space for creative energy and the opportunity of scrutinising processes are a fixed feature of his management style. And success has proved him right! So far, all products have started production on schedule and been delivered just-in-sequence to the customer. Since HBPO gave him the space he needed, he was able to find the right way of working with his team for his production plant in Regensburg.

André is “Always in front!” privately, too. Sport gives him the balance he needs in his free time. A bundle of energy with nerves of steel!