5 years of balance scorecard

Nothing but numbers the whole day long – isn't that boring? – It’s just the ticket for Daniel: a varied job with a lot of planning reliability. He has been working in the department of Finance & Controlling at HBPO for five years – for him a life with the balance scorecard.

Daniel realised during university that he would like to work in controlling in future. At the end of the day, the structured and friendly application process at HBPO had him convinced.

Daniel spends his whole day juggling numbers – he is delighted to work as the interface between controlling and project business. “At HBPO there is a clear focus on planning, analysis and control function with the aim of steering a project from a financial point of view,” Daniel explains. The variety and cooperation with different characters, who all contribute towards making the projects a success, are what make the job so attractive to him. As an absolute team player he finds it particularly important that the chemistry is right within the team.

It goes without saying this core business presents challenges as well. “Sometimes projects don’t develop in the right direction. In such cases it is important for everyone to pull together across the different departments,” Daniel adds. For him, his team with its different characters, is a real asset.

“At HBPO no two working days are the same.”

The position as team leader at HBPO has boosted Daniel’s professional and personal development. Being part of an international network and driving joint projects forward is very rewarding for him. His work involves feasibility calculations, budget management, planning and finalising papers as well as project-related cash planning. It can sometimes become turbulent when the “going gets hot” in the acquisition or project phase. Yet it is precisely this diversity that makes it so fascinating. No two working days are the same!

HBPO has supported Daniel in his career. And he is happy to pass this on: he finds it important to advance young people. He regularly integrates student workers in his team. “An absolute win-win situation,” is how he puts it.

It’s obvious that free time is important to balance day-to-day work. Daniel’s work-life-balance revolves around sport. Running, mountain biking or basketball – sport helps him to relax and clear his head.


We are curious to see where his journey in the HBPO world will take him. But one thing is certain – HPBO can COUNT on Daniel.