Eugen from Vaihingen: all-rounder with passion and standard for quality

At HBPO, we all have one thing in common: we are extremely demanding and passionate about our work. As one of the first employees in our new production plant in Vaihingen, Eugen knows exactly what it means to pitch in and work in a structured way.


Eugen’s area of work includes complex logistics solutions. He himself has been working as shift manager logistics at HBPO for five years and is full of drive.


There is no such thing as a “typical” working day for Eugen, but some basic elements reoccur, such as regular meetings with project managers to find out the latest project status, plan activities and define measures. Eugen has regular meetings with operative managers in order to promote exchange of information, work on topics together and agree standard solutions as well as to make decisions in projects.


It is exciting and fascinating, because all employees have the possibility of shaping their workplace for the future. This is something that makes HBPO positively different from other companies.


As one of the very first employees on the site, he stood in an empty hall, received the first packages of materials, spent quite a lot of time on article numbers and welcomed new colleagues.

He himself had to be an all-rounder and remain flexible for many tasks in order to master logistics challenges. For him, the focus is on team spirit and enjoyment of his work. This does not mean that his working day is completely non-results-driven, however. Eugen is motivated by seeing how lots of small parts are made into a whole – a finished product.


In view of the wealth of projects and variety involved, it is difficult to choose something specific that is “especially dear” to him at HBPO. If pressed, he would say it is the many processes that have to interlock smoothly. Many processes are very demanding, challenging and professional, just like HBPO.


Structure and organisation are the “be all and end all” in logistics. For this reason, Eugen has to be just as structured with his shift, deployment and resource planning. His other responsibilities include correct process execution and the implementation of new workflows. These days, logistics means so much more than just “a platform of containers”.


Eugen strikes a balance during leisure time, which is very important to him. Eating, the cinema, cooking, video games, girlfriend, sauna – he’s an all-rounder here too.