"A visionary with a good helping of ingenuity"

Gabor lives his dream at HBPO! He likes to think outside the box, with a visionary approach and great ingenuity. Eight years ago he started working in the quality department for an HBPO factory in Hungary, and has meanwhile reached the position of director, thanks to having lots of good ideas at the right time. He has set up HBPO's Technology Innovation Center (TIC) and helps the company to keep always in front with its production processes, and not just up to date. 


Quality and process management is of great significance for companies in the automotive industry. Suppliers have to meet huge demands to safeguard high quality in terms of processes and infrastructure within the whole supply chain. The objectives include continuous improvement, waste reduction, minimising errors and risks, creating safer products and implementing structural improvements to the processes involved. This is why Gabor finds the automotive industry so fascinating.


Together with his international team, he is mainly responsible for bringing together different cultures, languages, mindsets, processes and ways of working at HBPO, while always driving innovation. The agenda includes standardising and optimising processes, automation, making things transparent and more efficient, as well as developing and investigating new techniques. Gabor's outstanding intercultural skills enable him to cope with his tasks.

His team can pride itself with the development and global implementation of the PAS system (Production Assisting Software). As the name says, PAS is a production assisting software that prevents deviations from the standardized production process in order to reduce faults. The program was invented by Gabor personally and developed, implemented with his team at HBPO, with real added value for HBPO and our customers!

He is now linked at company headquarters in Lippstadt, where he has developed the network and acquired the necessary know-how to ensure that his ideas for the Technology Innovation Center are implemented in his home country Hungary, where the TIC office have been established. Gabor has already managed several challenges during his time at HBPO.

Despite all his diligence and hard work, Gabor still remains vehemently modest. He would never think of comparing his job with an Olympic discipline, but rather sees it as a great challenge that comes with plenty of responsibility. Above all, he wants to be a role model for his staff, but as someone who is human and not infallible. Everyone can learn from their mistakes.

Gabor describes his management style as a healthy mixture of honesty, loyalty and flexibility.