You want to make a difference?

You are going to be finishing school soon and are looking for a suitable apprenticeship? Or are you looking for a cool opportunity for school work experience? We have great opportunities to offer pupils who want to get a taste of working life!


Good grades are important, but they are far from the whole story. We want apprentices who are authentic and want to make a difference. Are you just such a person who wants to be part of a dynamic team that makes a difference? Then take a look at the different areas we offer apprenticeships in!



Application procedure

You have found a suitable apprenticeship or work experience offer, but aren’t sure what the application process involves? Find out all you need to know here.


  • You came across HBPO while you were looking for an apprenticeship that presented exciting challenges? Or would you like to get to know working life during a school work experience project at our company? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

  • Your application should include a CV as well as a motivation letter. We should be able to see at a glance why you in particular would like to become part of our team – and what know-how and skills you already have or what your career plans are.

  • As soon as we have received your application it will be discussed with the specialist area you are interested in. If your profile matches HBPO we will invite you for a meeting. This will be a classical job application interview conducted on our premises.

  • The meeting is for us to get to know each other: just as we get to know you, you can get to know us as well. Do you have lots of questions? Just ask! We look forward to hearing them!

  • At the end of the interview we will let you know how the application procedure will continue. We usually need a few days to think things over. You should use this time as well – do you still want to be part of our team and start your career at HBPO?

  • If both sides can imagine working together, there is nothing to stop a contract being drawn up. You will receive this by post. As soon as both sides have signed, work can start! Welcome to our HBPO team.

Tips for a successful meeting

Individualize your application!
Do you want to stand out from the numerous other applications? Then write a personal cover letter that reveals something about you and your motivation for the opportunity.


Get a second opinion!
Have someone proofread your application before you send it. This will allow you to correct any mistakes in advance and your chances of a positive reaction will be increased.

Are you nervous? That’s not a bad thing!
There’s nothing wrong with being nervous! It’s part of the process. People are often nervous particularly during their first job interviews. Remember that other applicants are feeling the same. So just keep calm.

Be prepared!
How many plants does HBPO have? What exactly do we manufacture? Who are our customers?

What are you aiming to achieve in your career? Take a critical look at your strengths and weaknesses. Very important: convince us you will enjoy the line of work and are highly motivated to do it!

School work experience at HBPO – exciting and informative
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We are pleased about the renewed certification as "Family-friendly company in the district of Soest".

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The city of Meerane is connecting HBPO to the high-speed network after an eight-month construction period.

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