Turn theory into practice

You need a break from pouring over books and want to finally prove yourself and show what you can do in practical terms? With us, you can take off from day one and quickly take over responsibility.


We rarely advertise specific internships or student work jobs, but regularly have positions in these areas. So if you have a concrete idea for a project, bachelor or master thesis and there is no position currently being advertised, send us your application anyway and convince us with your concepts and ideas.



Career | Why HBPO


Have we triggered your interest? Can you imagine joining HBPO? Do you need more good reasons to help decide why it might be worth changing to our HBPO world?

We would love to be of assistance here, with a few good reasons why HBPO is just the right employer for you:


Application procedure

Our application process is as individual as your personality. This is what an application procedure for students looks like:

  • You have found a suitable vacancy and want to know what the application process will be like? We will show you step by step.

  • Would you like to do an internship, write your bachelor, masters or a project thesis at our company or join us as a student employee? We only rarely advertise such positions. But please feel free to send us your application! We are always on the look-out for motivated talent and young professionals who fit in well.

  • Your application should always state the area in which you would like to gain experience – as an intern, student worker or as part of a project or final thesis.  Where are your particular strengths, what experience have you already gained – all this information will help us to find suitable opportunities for you.

  • Please include your most recent overview of grades and your current enrolment certificate with your application. In the case of an internship, please let us know whether this is compulsory or voluntary.

  • As soon as we have received your application you will receive confirmation of this. We then check together with the specialist department responsible whether we can work with you, whether we have an opening for you and also have the capacity to provide neccessary support.

    Have you been waiting for some time? We work in a dynamic and very project-related environment, which means we do not want to send you a rejection prematurely if we are not able to plan far enough ahead at this point. You will definitely receive feedback from us.

  • We invite you to a first phone interview or directly to a personal interview on our premises. One of our Human Resources team and your potential technical supervisor will take part in this.

  • Following the interview we will send you our feedback as soon as possible. If both sides can imagine working together, you will receive a contract offer with all the important key data. As soon as the contract has been signed, work can start! Welcome to our HBPO team.

Tips for a successful meeting:

Make sure you are well informed about us!
If you want to work for us, you should know why. Find out about HBPO, the automotive industry and possible entry options for the field you would like to develop in.


Be authentic!
It is vital to be authentic during a job interview, there is no need to put on an act or dress up. It goes without saying that an appropriate, well-groomed appearance is expected.

”As an HBPO working student I am part of something big!”
Storytelling Isaac

University and work – just not an option for some people. For Isaac, working student at HBPO, it is the best way of combining university theory with the practice of his future profession. The young man from Congo (Democratic Republic) is bursting with energy – and is doggedly pursuing his aim: to achieve something that will make his family proud.

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