Our success is based on speed and our closeness to customers

HBPO is flexible, fast and extremely customer-oriented. Our strength is in our innovative ability – we are an important driver for new developments. Together with our customers, we develop solutions to make our products more efficient. We are a direct automotive supplier and specialize in modules. We are a global market leader for front-end modules – the “car’s face”. But we also offer other module solutions such as center consoles and Active Grille Shutters (AGS).


Enthusiasm, speed, close customer proximity

All 2,700 HBPO employees worldwide love what they do. With more than 30 locations in Europe, Asia and North America we are always close to our customers – in many different ways. We cooperate closely with our customers along the entire production chain. 

We think outside the box and are always on the look-out for new solutions that are effective for our customers. We track down trends and set new ones. We are where our customers are.  

All these factors have helped to make us a global market leader and the leading automotive supplier for module solutions.

HBPO is a joint venture, two thirds of which is held by Plastic Omnium and one third by HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA.

HBPO's Integrated Quality Management System

We work according to defined processes – in a very dynamic and fast-moving market, our “gate” structure sets out our scope of action. This framework is specified in our integrated quality management system. It goes without saying that we have different resources – such as document systems, testing methods and lots more besides – to support us.



Our assembly lines are the heart of our business

Our assembly lines are the heart of our business. Here, around 2,000 employees manufacture the modules of the HBPO product range – currently more than 5 million front-end modules every year. We are the global market leader in our field. A front-end module always comprises a front-end carrier and can include the active air flap control (Active Grille Shutter), a cooling module, passenger protection systems, headlamps and a bumper cover, depending on customer requirements.

We have two decades of experience in the development, construction and assembly of front-end modules, which stands us in good stead for the development of other modules such as centre consoles and cockpit modules.


We are close to our customers and a strong partner

  • We manufacture our modules and products at our locations using both line and box production. State-of-the-art quality control systems are in place to support production. 
  • We supply our customers just-in-sequence or just-in-time, depending on the product and module. We are experts in both these segments!
  • We are logistics experts and work closely with reliable partners.