"For us, compliance is not a set of rules, it´s a question of corporate culture!"

At HBPO we have basic convictions and values. Our corporate culture is based on a foundation of mutual trust, esteem and tolerance. Our compliance guidelines, which we also expect our partners to keep, are derived from this.

We are fully committed to the principles of the market economy and fair competition.

We act in accordance with performance principles, taking applicable rules of competition into account.

We assume responsibility for observing human rights, creating and maintaining fair working conditions and observing employee rights.

Compliance is designed to help

Our Compliance Organization supports our employees making the right decisions and reducing risks for the company at the same time. Our goal is to explain compliance as simply as possible.

This includes the following six questions, which all employees should answer for themselves:

  • Am I acting in accordance with the interests of HBPO?
  • Am I adhering to the code of conduct, internal guidelines and standards?
  • Is my behaviour in line with our corporate values?
  • Am I behaving fairly and with integrity towards my colleagues, customers and business partners?
  • Am I prepared to assume responsibility for my actions?
  • Do I believe that I am doing the right thing, even when I feel that I am not being observed?

If all these questions can be answered “yes” we are acting in accordance with HBPO cpmpliance guidelines.

Compliance heightens sensitivity

We have a Compliance Officer within the group who is supported by local Compliance Managers in every country. Those affected can ask the team for help particularly in sensitive situations.

In order to become sensitised for such situations, our employees receive regular training.

Here is our full Code of Conduct for you to read. 


Whistleblowing System

HBPO´s Whistleblower System enables employees and external whistleblowers to report violations of internal and external policies and laws to the detriment of HBPO or its employees anywhere in the world.

HBPO ensures that absolute confidentiality is maintained with respect to the identity of the whistleblower. A whistleblower acting in good faith and in a disinterested way cannot be dismissed, sanctioned, or discriminated against in any way; even if those facts prove to be incorrect thereafter or do not result in any action being taken. The detailed process for the whistleblowing procedure in different languages is listed below. 



Whistleblowing process