We create our products with our projects

We know today what the cars of tomorrow are going to look like. We are responsible for their face – the front-end module (FEM). Planning for development, construction and assembly starts between one-and-a-half and three years before the start of series production.

We at HBPO work in an extremely process-controlled way. Our processes are the framework within which we can move. We call these project milestones Gates. Our project work and pre-series activities such as research & development and plant construction take place between Gate 0 and Gate 7.

Gate 0 - 2 is the acquisition phase – our sales staff is in charge here

We submit our offer in this phase and in case of an award by the customer we will enter the operative project phase (Gate 3 – 7).


Gate 3 - 7 is when Program Management takes over

Within one to two years, our Program Team draws up concepts for the project, industrialization and implementation in the plant. During this time, a project manager or program manager is the main person responsible for the project. He or she leads a team, made up of sales staff, purchasers, developers, quality managers, industrial engineers, plant representatives and logistics employees. The program manager deploys the team in the right places, gives clear instructions and offers creative space for individual responsibility – thus creating a harmonious result: our product. 

Start of Production (SOP) – the plant takes over (responsibility)

When production starts (SOP) the plant takes over responsibility for the product. A car is usually manufactured for seven years. After the first four years, the model is revised, i.e. in terms of headlamps or other components. Depending on the customer, this phase is called product enhancement, facelift, model upgrade, life cycle improvement or mid-cycle-action (MCA).


No two projects are the same

Our processes are defined and therefore always identical – yet their specific form is always different. The project duration as well as the depth of responsibility vary depending on the product and the type of project (assembly versus development project). Our HBPO team has the experience, the know-how and the skills to accompany the product creation process in a comprehensive way. There is one thing all program managers have in common: they make decisions, set priorities and can switch quickly from one thing to another. The focus is always on communication with those involved.