Our environmental policy

DIN 14001 – our environmental policy

As module experts, we know especially good results can only be achieved if all measures are interlocked and harmonized with one another. We therefore always keep the conservation of resources and ecology in mind when continuously optimising products, processes and services.

The protection of the environment is an integral part of our understanding of quality and is taken into account in all areas of our day-to-day work and everyday business. We regard effective protection of the environment as a competitive factor and a social commitment for future generations. We consistently face up to this social responsibility. The continuous improvement of our quality and environmental performance is enshrined in HBPO corporate values worldwide as part of our ongoing innovative development. Our environmental management system supports us in complying with all relevant laws, directives and regulations.

Whether it's in production, material selection, assembly or logistics, environmental responsibility always plays a role at HBPO. As a development partner for our customers we provide ideas and solutions in the field of lightweight components, aerodynamics and complex modules for vehicles. We are therefore continuously increasing the efficiency of our products, reducing emissions and shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

Our energy management has been certified Europe-wide in accordance with ISO 50001 and also will play a key role in the future in our efforts to conserve resources and establish environmentally-responsible behaviour in every part of our company.