The term “Compliance” means that a company has to ensure the adherence to lawful duties and internal guidelines and measures.
HBPO has anchored these guidelines in a Code of Conduct.

With its values and beliefs, the HBPO Group has based its business culture on a foundation of trust, mutual appreciation and tolerance. The HBPO Group avows to the principles of market economy and fair trade. The HBPO Group pursues its business goals exclusively through the principle of performance and by honoring applicable trade rules, on the basis of applicable laws and their internal rules and standards. The HBPO Group takes responsibility for complying with human rights, creating and observing fair working conditions and honoring the rights of employees. It stands for equal treatment, variety, equal opportunity and tolerance.

The Code of Conduct for the HBPO Group serves as a guideline for all employees within the matured, complex daily expectations of our business life. It repeats binding legal provisions and substantiates the existing duties of every single person. The Code of Conduct is supposed to protect HBPO employees in order for us to continue our role as the shaping force of the frond-end module market!

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