Always in front right from the beginning

We are proud of our HBPO history. For more than 25 years, our customers have benefitted from our experience and the know-how we have built up in the field of modularisation. We have been there from the beginning and have played a leading role in shaping the module business!


  • The story of HBPO GmbH starts in an innovative department of Hella KG Hueck & Co. The idea of a module rapidly spreads in the automotive industry. The first front-end module is produced for the Volkswagen Golf A3 in a newly built just-in-sequence (JIS) assembly plant in Meerane, Saxony.


  • The module specialists are awarded their first contract with complete responsibility for development and supplier selection for individual components for the front-end module of the Škoda Fabia A04.


  • The Hella-Behr Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH (HBF) company is founded as a joint venture between the growing vehicle modules unit of Hella KG Hueck & Co. and the radiator and air conditioning specialist Behr. In the same year, the American Hella-Behr Vehicle Systems Inc. subsidiary is founded in Troy, Michigan, in the United States (now HBPO North America Inc.).


  • The Asian joint venture SHB is founded with the South Korean automotive supplier SL Corporation.


  • HBPO GmbH is founded as the successor to the established joint venture Hella-Behr Fahrzeugsysteme. The two original partners Hella and Behr (later MAHLE) are joined by a third – Plastic Omnium.


  • The company moves into its newly built HBPO headquarters in Lippstadt. 


  • Porsche honours us with the Porsche Supplier Award.


  • HBPO develops the first air flap control systemn (Active Grille Shutter). Depending on customer requirements, it can be integrated in the front-end module. The Active Grille Shutter improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics and helps reduce vehicle emissions.

  • HBPO receives a “Family-Friendly Company” certificate and the JLRQ Award from Jaguar and Land Rover.

  • Growth continues – another three plants are set up and HBPO break 1 billion euros in annual turnover for the first time.


  • HBPO's form HICOM in Malaysia, a joint venture with DRB.


  • HBPO receives the “Hidden Champion Award” from the Arnsberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


  • We receive the Volkswagen Group Award for the second time. HBPO first received the award in 2008.


  • HBPO breaks the 2 billion euro turnover mark for the first time.


  • Our company structure changes: Plastic Omnium takes over MAHLE’s shares and now holds 66.66% of HBPO – Hella still has 33.33%.