Photo and contribution by the participants of the “Boys & Girls Day” at HBPO.


Lippstadt, March 28th 2019 – Today many children have no idea about their future profession – there is a “Girls & Boys Day” to give them an insight into working life. This was also offered by HBPO from Lippstadt. Eleven children came to HBPO on this day and did many tasks and get to know the company.

First they took a guided tour of the company where they got to know the Desksharing system. In addition, the students took a recruitment test with various tasks. Afterwards the participants completed an assessment center task. For this task, they had to create a ranking list.

Another of these tasks was to write a social media article that was uploaded to Xing and also to write a press release. The pre-development department showed the participants how to develop the front-end modules. The day was led by Melanie Lorenz and Laura Priebe from the Marketing & Communication department.

There has been a “Girls & Boys Day” together since 2003 – because before that there was only one Girls Day. “We learned a lot about the company and got to know many different professions and can recommend it to others”, said the participants Lotta and Philipp.


The 11 participants were accompanied through the day by Laura Priebe and Melanie Lorenz (Marketing & Communication).