HQ extension opened during ribbon-cutting ceremony

After two years of planning and construction, the HBPO HQ building extension in Lippstadt, Germany, was inaugurated on July 2. And it was reason to celebrate: Many HBPO employees, HBPO and Hella management, local politicians and representatives from construction and planning firms attended the reception. HBPO’s constant growth and the rising number of employees created a demand for more work space. The extension of the existing HQ building now offers 60 additional work stations. The first construction phase—the reconstruction of the prototype hall in the existing building— started in July 2013. During the second construction phase, about 60 parking spaces were built next to the existing structure. During the third, and final construction phase, with the extension of the HQ building, an additional 1,300 square meters of work space was created. The construction of the building began in September 2013. A total of 38 companies and around 140 workers, specialists and planners were part of finishing this project.

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