Rally for a good cause

In a few days, the humanitarian desert rally 4L-Trophy 2016 from Biarritz, France, to Marrakesh, Morocco, will begin. It is not the participating teams’ goal to be the first one to arrive at the finish line. However, it is the rally’s purpose to create perseverance and team spirit, to strengthen cultural communication, to give humanitarian aid and to drive the least amount of miles in the desert. The teams are only equipped with a compass and a map. In order to qualify for this event, the participants have to be college students and drive the rally in a Renault 4. Every team collects and distributes at least 50 kilos of school materials and 10 kilos of groceries, which are donated to support the education of Moroccan children. This way, more than 60 tons of educational equipment is gathered. The materials are distributed to different schools by the renowned organization “Enfants du Désert“ (Children of the Desert), which works closely with UNICEF.

HBPO, the world market leader for front-end modules, is among the sponsors for the rally team from Lippstadt. “We were excited about the team’s dedication and about the entire idea,” says Marketing Manager Axel Bohnhorst. The Renault 4 now sports HBPO’s motto “Always in front.” HBPO also donated educational materials for the good cause. Even before the start of the rally, which is scheduled for Feb. 18 in Biarritz, the first winners have already been determined:

The children of Morocco. For more information, visit:

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