“We are HBPO!”

HBPO presents new image film

HBPO’s new image film communicates the company’s key principles of “internationality,” “reliability,” “quality,” and “innovation.” As the world market leader for front-end modules, HBPO always keeps up with the times and is at the heartbeat of the automotive industry. HBPO’s 3-minute image film was shot at eight locations worldwide and portrays employees in their work environment. The film highlights the headquarters in Lippstadt, as well as production facilities around the world. HBPO decided against using actors for the film to keep the authenticity of the company. “It was important to us to present our company and our employees in an authentic way, and not to distract from what makes us unique by using special effects,” says Axel Bohnhorst, Marketing Manager at HBPO.

The image film can be found in both German and English versions at the following links:

PDF Download