First Company with broadband

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Following an eight-months construction period and minor delays due to the Corona virus pandemic, the time has come: HBPO Meerane is the first company in the town with access to the significantly faster and more flexible broadband network. “We are honoured to be the first in the new network,” says Heiko Stengel, Managing Director of HBPO Germany GmbH. The expansion of fibre-optic technology in Meerane is a project being undertaken by the local utilities company “Stadtwerke Meerane” and supported by grants from the federal government, the State of Saxony and the town of Meerane. 

Dr. Dirk Orlamünder, Head of Department at the State Ministry for the Economy, Labour and Transport, Prof. Dr. Lothar Ungerer, Mayor of the town of Meerane, Uwe Nötzold, Managing Director, Patrick Kühni, Authorised Signatory, Grit Bachmann, PR Officer at Stadtwerke Meerane and Ellen Greifeneder, Deputy Regional Director ateneKOM, which is the project management agency of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, joined Heiko Stengel for the start of this new era. The symbolic “buzzer” was followed by a tour of the plant.

HBPO Meerane has been at the site for 28 years. It was the first plant within the HBPO Group – which owes more than 30 plants nowadays – to produce front-end modules for vehicles. A vehicle's “face” is made up of up to 140 individual components which are assembled here in Meerane. Up to the present day, 6.8 million modules have left the plant just in sequence, destined for major vehicle manufacturers’ plants in Leipzig, Zwickau and Dresden.

HBPO is the global market leader in the segment of integrated front-end modules. Innovative spirit has always determined the entrepreneurial actions of the tier-1 automotive supplier. HBPO supported the transition from combustion engine to electro-mobility early, contributing its own developments. “Front-end modules can also be installed in electric vehicles. Customer specifications are different in this case of course. But we can make customised offers and deal precisely with requirements and wishes,” explains Managing Director Heiko Stengel. HBPO Meerane started deliveries of front-ends for electric vehicles several months ago.