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The Lippstadt-based automotive supplier HBPO has donated a total of 16,500 euros to nine organisations in the Soest district over the past few weeks.

HBPO staff were invited to suggest which organisations were to be supported. “We are extremely pleased that our team submitted so many good suggestions,” said Anja Sprenger, Director Human Resources. All nine organisations from the Soest and Lippstadt districts were in urgent need of the cash injection in the current situation. “In particular those associations or organisations that are financed by donations have faced major challenges during the corona pandemic. The hygiene and safety regulations alone have made most associations reach their limits.”

HBPO has supported the following institutions: Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen in Lippstadt e.V., Tafel Lippstadt, KIA e.V. Lippstadt, Soest Women’s Refuge, Soest Animal Shelter, Tiere bauen Brücken e.V., hospice day centre for children and young people in Soest, intensive care ward for children at the Evangelisches Krankenhaus in Lippstadt – all of which received 2,000 euros each, and the Bernhard Honkamp school in Welver with 500 euros.

“We are grateful that were able to help these nine organisations and institutions with a cash injection in these turbulent and insecure times. All of them will be using the money to buy things that have become necessary or would not be able to be bought without the donation,” Anja Sprenger continued.

The corona pandemic has triggered a huge wave of solidarity throughout the world. Plastic Omnium, HBPO’s parent company, decided in spring to set up a Covid-19 fund within the context of the global ACT FOR ALL campaign. HPBO thus had the opportunity to support a total of 44 organisations around the world, all of which have been badly affected by the corona pandemic. ACT FOR ALL combines the subjects of occupational safety, environmental protection and social responsibility – both inside and outside the company.