HBPO with Plastic Omnium at the IAA

The IAA starts today for HBPO from Lippstadt, too. Together with its majority shareholder Plastic Omnium, the automotive supplier is visiting the IAA Mobility in Munich. From 6 to 12 September the module specialists will showcase their wide spectrum.

The company specialises in module solutions for the automotive industry. Put simply, the company develops modules from many individual components that bring a multitude of advantages for car manufacturer customers.

HBPO is the global market leader in the field of highly integrated front-end modules. The experts also apply their many years of experience in modularising the car front to other modules. Cockpit modules, centre consoles and a variety of aerodynamic solutions for the vehicle front end are now part of the portfolio. HBPO has always had its ear close to the ground as far as trends and customer wishes are concerned. Thus the company now offers solutions that are in demand as the automotive industry transitions towards more sustainability and more added value for the end consumer.

At the IAA, HBPO is exhibiting its modularisation and integration skills. The results of trend and comparative studies have been brought together in the front module study. “The electrification of vehicles has completely changed the front-end architecture. Where the combustion engine used to be, there is now more space for additional solutions,” explains Ralf Schmidt, Director Research & Development at HBPO. At the same time, the vehicles have become heavier due to the use of batteries, which leads to a different load distribution – for example in case of accidents.

HBPO has met these challenges with creativity and design enthusiasm. “We have built the load paths differently by using so-called crash boxes made of plastic. This improves the behaviour of the front end during an accident – which can prevent serious injuries in an emergency. In addition, we can now show, for example, additional storage space in the front of the car, which offers many possibilities for our car manufacturers as well as for the end consumers,” Schmidt continues.

Also on show for the first time at the IAA are the so-called Lid modules, which can make the charging process both easier and safer for the end user. Electric vehicles have to be charged much more often and for longer. For this reason, the designers at HBPO have been looking for solutions to protect the lid during charging.Thanks to the use of various kinematic solutions, the company has succeeded in making the lid open inwards, for example, or outwards and up. In both cases, it remains close to the vehicle body. This prevents damage to the lid itself. Also on display are various aerodynamic solutions that contribute to increasing the range of electric vehicles. One variant is the Rollo blind - a specially developed idea by HBPO that is already in series production. But various grille shutter solutions can also contribute to increasing the range. “Driving situations can differ greatly – and our solutions must be able to act just as differently. For example, it makes a great difference whether you are driving up a mountain or in a large city with stop & go traffic,” Ralf Schmidt explains further. Thus, the air control systems can ensure the best aerodynamics by completely closing the air openings – or by completely opening them for maximum cooling of the battery elements. Another option is provided by an easy-to-replace filter – here, for example, particulate matter can be filtered out of the ambient air.

HBPO can be visited at the IAA Mobility in Munich from 6-12 September, in Hall B3, Booth 20.