Through desert dunes by R4

For the 23rd time, numerous participants joined in the race for the Raid 4L Trophy once again and undertook the arduous journey from south-west France to Morocco.

On board: school materials and medical equipment. Yet what motivates around 2900 participants to face this challenge? Quite certainly the combination of charity work, fun and being able to contribute to improving medical care in the African country. Another important focus of the rally is the development of local schooling and the provision of school materials for children.

“We had a few challenges with car repairs, but managed to master them all thanks to good teamwork and support from local garage employees. In addition, we and our cars had to get used to the hot climate first. But all the stresses and strains disappear when you see children's faces light up with a smile. We are very pleased to have made a contribution and would like to say a big thank you once again to our supporters who made the whole trip possible,” says Pascal Nunne, rally participant.

We are also very happy to have been part of the rally again by deciding to provide financial support for this charity rally. We feel it is important to promote education locally and create a future for these children.