HBPO sponsors “Gedankenblitz”

Lippstadt, May 31st 2018 – The Gedankenblitz is the largest project for securing MINT* specialists in the region. Approx. 40 partners in East Westphalia Lippe provided financial support for the project, thus helping to make natural sciences and technology attractive for school children. HBPO from Lippstadt was one of these sponsors.

The idea was to help school children discover their passion for MINT topics and test themselves through exciting and varied tasks. All the assignments, which were developed in close cooperation with the further education institutions in the administrative district of Soest, focussed particularly on pupils’ creativity, because there is never only one correct solution.

This year was all about motorsports. The task was to build a remote-controlled car and to prove its capabilities against 21 schools on a total of three racing days. All the successful teams were characterised by outstanding teamwork. And who knows – perhaps there was a “motor of success” for HBPO among the participants?!

The winners can look forward to a large, exclusive concert with Jonas Mohr and Blockrudel.