Always in front with HBPO

Modules are our speciality! We supply individual module solutions for front-end modules (FEM), air flap controls (Active Grille Shutters) and center consoles. HBPO processes help to keep your own manufacturing processes and costs lean. We supply to a lot of major vehicle manufacturers!


Products | Front-end Module

We give cars a face!

Rely on us for your front-end module business. We are the only supplier of highly integrated front-end modules in the world. But we can do more than just assemble modules. We are a strong partner for you in development and construction – and deliver your modules just-in-sequence for your series production.




Products | Active Grille Shutter

Energy efficiency as a benchmark

There has been a CO2 regulation complying with EU specifications in place for passenger cars and commercial vehicles since 2009. We equip our front-end modules with active air control systems on request. Our Active Grille Shutters are ideal for improving a vehicle’s aerodynamics –  whether the vehicle has a combustion engine or an electric motor!


Our Rollo helps to improve the drag and driving resistance, and thus to save on consumption and indirectly on CO2. The shutter can be installed wherever there is little space available for a conventional Active Grille Shutter solution.  


Products | Interieur

We can do comfort too

A vehicle interior is like a car’s living room. A different look-and-feel makes other requirements necessary. We have two decades of auto industry experience in modularisations and since 2016, we have been supplying module solutions for the interior with our center console.