A commitment to perfection

All of our products can be modified and tailored to suit customer specifications regarding appearance, quality and technical feasibility – an aspect of our business that is much appreciated by our partners.
HBPO, with its know-how and communication skills, offers various levels of cooperation for any project. These may be limited to the initial concept but can be expanded to the construction phase and also include integration of the overall system. In the last latter, HBPO assumes responsibility for the whole process, from design, development and components right through to logistics and overall project management. The more we’re involved, the greater the synergy effects – and reduced costs and optimal quality means that the customer benefits all the way through the process.

Ultimately, it’s the front-end module that defines the overall appearance of a car. But the front-end module is also a essential element regarding safety factors and must conform to a vast range of technological specifications. It’s a complex piece of equipment fulfilling several criteria – it must fit perfectly, it must be aesthetically pleasing and it must function reliably.
We’re talking here about headlamps, radiators, grilles or bumpers – front-end carriers, components to regulate heating and a/c, engine cooling or crash management systems. The brief can be immense but the engineers at HBPO are experts in finding solutions to all of these problems.

To the front-ends

The active grille shutter has been an optional extra for HBPO front-ends since 2011. If this device is closed, the aerodynamic characteristics of the car are improved and fuel consumption as well as CO2 emissions can be reduced.
The system, if integrated into the front-end, works automatically and improves the overall performance of the car.

To the active grille-shutters

As a leader in the front-end module market we know how important it is to introduce innovations, wherever they may lie. Over the years this has resulted in HBPO becoming a global player in such a competitive market.
The fact that we have such a good relationship with our customers means that we can immediately investigate and test new ideas – to mutual advantage and also to the benefit of the automotive industry in general. As a result we are continuously attracting more and more customers and expanding our business. New ideas lead to better solutions.

To the innovations