We can do interieur, too

Since 2016, HBPO has been supplying module solutions for vehicle interiors in the form of center consoles. The development, project and manufacturing experience we have gained with front-end modules (FEM) gave us a good foundation for work on interior products.

We have now further developed our expertise to meet the additional expectations demanded with the assembly and delivery of interior parts.  New, and enhanced assembly, handling, and packaging methods, to ensure high quality standards are maintained throughout the process.

Center console: Requirements and function

It’s not enough for a car to be safe and good to drive – we want to feel at home in it as well. For this reason, the interior is one of the most important elements in vehicle design. Here, other requirements are made based on the interplay between textures, shapes and colors.

The center console is located between the two front seats and contains various comfort and control elements. Depending on the model, it can range from a relatively simple storage compartment, to a complex assembly which can include an armrest, ambient lighting, USB connections and keyless entry antenna.