“We work very closely with our customers right from project kick-off.”

Roman Gregori
plant manager in Regensburg

An appreciable example of the individual cooperation with our customers is our plant in Regensburg. We already consider the customer´s wishes in the quotation and later project phase, as part of the HBPO project team is located directly on site. Together with the customer, the Regensburg-based team has installed a platform that makes cooperation even more predictable for both sides.

The platform brings together the data and information of numerous suppliers from various locations. HBPO was the only just-in-sequence supplier involved in this particular customer project during the development phase. As a just-in-sequence automotive supplier, we have different demands on a delivery platform than just-in-time suppliers. For example, Cycles must be mapped down to the last second for capacity planning.

The platform facilitates HBPO's planning - it is possible to see how many cars our customer is producing and at the same time how much capacity our HBPO plant in Regensburg has to provide.