“Our strength: just-in-sequence logistic solutions”

There is no such thing as the one, classic front-end module – rather there is an enormous wealth of variants. HBPO can supply up to 15,000 different variants in the front-end module segment for one vehicle model. Only about four hours pass between the order being placed for the front-end module and its delivery within the installation cycle at the vehicle manufacturer.

And behind this gigantic variety of front-end modules and the tight schedule, there is a sophisticated logistics system at HBPO – and a team of logistics planners who are masters of their trade.

An overview of our logistics facts:

  • We classify the logistics process in inbound, internal and outbound. We can offer specialized solutions in all areas.
  • Inbound: We take an active part in our suppliers’ supply chain in that we design, develop and agree component packaging. We organize and plan the packaging for the parts to be delivered for more than 98% of our projects. As far as packaging material is concerned, we use special packaging for sensitive parts, universal packaging for less sensitive ones and cardboard boxes too, if this makes ecological and economic sense.
  • Together with forwarding agents we plan and organize supplies to our plants. Focusing on the meaningful combination of transport, avoidance of transport and the best environmental protection. We check incoming goods – including the quality of the delivery.
  • Our internal logistics is made up of more than just a warehouse that is completely transshipped every three to four days. Within our plant, the components have to be delivered to the right place at the right time as well – to the module production line. Various technology-supported logistics software systems help us with this.
  • Our finished modules are transferred to the customer in so-called JIS racks. These outbound logistics – the just-in-sequence transport – are taken over by local forwarding agents. They know the region around our plant best. We agree on a fixed delivery route with them in advance, planning two or three alternative routes so that our called off front-end-modules can still be installed on time at the customer’s plant even if traffic jams or other complications get in the way.

Logistics fact check for the “average front-end module (FEM)”

30 HBPO suppliers

350 product groups

15,000 variations of one front-end module

Average of 4 hours from order to delivery

Our customers benefit from our logistics know-how

We are a punctual and reliable partner for our customers. We deliver the right front-end module for the car on the assembly line just-in-sequence (JIS). Thanks to its specialization in the just-in-sequence field, HBPO can deliver the required front-end module for every customer – these currently include all major vehicle manufacturers.

And this is how it is done…

… the major car manufacturers assemble their cars on an assembly line. Production is roughly planned months in advance. The nearer the actual production date gets, the more detailed planning becomes. HBPO gets the current information and can match its own production planning to the customer’s.

On assembly day, the car is assembled completely within just a few hours. The front-end module, "the car’s face", is attached to the car using a few screws in the last third of the assembly sequence. The order reaches our plant – online in the customer’s production cycle – when the car has passed a control point. This can be between 90 minutes and several hours before assembly on the car. This is the time HBPO has available to manufacture the required front-end module and delivery it in line with the customer’s installation cycle – in sequence.

Depending on customer  requirements we can also deliver just-in-time.